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    Diamond Hardness Ceramic Cartridge with 10 years Warranty
    A cartridge is the heart and core part of every Sorento’s faucet. It is equipped with diamond hardness ceramic cartridge that able to hold its form and prevent the frequent leaks and drip. It is 100% corrosion-resistant ceramic discs, which prevent ‘cracking’ that can occur with thinner ceramic discs. Sorento’s ceramic cartridge is tested and its endurance is more than 800,000 times (Opening & Closing) with 10 years warranty.

    Original Imported Swiss NEOPERL Aerator

    Equipped with international well-known brand aerator – Swiss NEOPERL aerator, provides soft flow water, splash free, low noise, and it is water saving proven.

    High Purity Brass Body

    The selection of A+ grade that consist of 59% high purity brass body is the strongest, most durable, and safest material that able to prevent cracking & leakage. Besides that, high brass content also means that there are lesser content of other materials such as zinc.

    High Tech Finished Chrome Body

    With the high tech processing (grinding, polishing, ultrasonic wax-remove, electroplating, deep and uniform coating) by world class brands’ equipment’s, Sorento uses chrome for its finishing, as it gives a high density structure without sand hole and air hole.




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